MyCastle 218 - 8 Castleton Entrance, Smithfield Village, Cairns.

The MyCastle display home reflects a dedication to workmanship performed by long-term local tradespeople, with a focus on perfecting the finishings and finer details right down to the last switch and door handle.

MyCastle is also a testament to functional and adaptable design, with its contextual touches of tropical architecture and the wall-to-ceiling-to-outdoor space attention to delivering smart and sustainable features, outlined below. All of these elements speak to the degree of difficulty the MyStyle team are proud to live up to.

Living: 155.70 m²
Garage: 39.07 m²
Al Fresco: 16.48 m²
Porch: 6.76 m²
TOTAL: 218.01 m²
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